Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"like weightless currency; your words don't mean shit to me."

i've been such shitty moods lately,but i know why so its not really a surprise.
my friend, lets call her A, has been such a bitch lately to me and my other friend. and really we both are fed up. well lets back up a sec. me and, lets call her B, we never really that close. we only hung out with A. but since A has started acting like a bitch me and B have gotten really close. i seriously consider her one of best friends.
now A is a very, and i mean VERY, jealous person. shes always been that way. i don't expect her to change but i mean its annoying. and me and B have been talking A LOT and i know this will make her jealous and mean and she'll flip out and say something like "well, shes not your friend. shes my friend."(she'll say that to me about B. then probably say the same to B about me.)
I hate to deal with people like A, but shes my best friend and might as well be my sister. but i mean if she finds out that me and B have gotten close and bonding over A being a bitch, well i'm shit out of luck. A's not a person that you really want to deal with coming to this kind of stuff. you know? shes a flat out bitch.

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