Monday, January 11, 2010

i only have these weird dreams when i eat something before going to bed.

anyways i fell asleep around 2am. it started out that i was in the woods with my friends, Addye, Melissa, Ryan, Clair, Jess, Dylan. Then and there were some people that were like not my friends like Jared Padalecki and Ed Westwick. We were being chased by hell hounds; yes hell hounds like in supernatural. Me and my friend, Clair, tired of running and we didn't know what to do. So Jared Padalecki, being the one who thinks he knows everything, says "We need fire." and stops and starts building a fire. Everybody starts looking around for sticks and dips them into the fire, so that they basically have a torch and everyone starts swinging them around while running in the woods because Jared told every one that this will keep the hell hounds away.

So after a while of running around with flaming sticks Me and Ryan say that we can run anymore and we'd rather just have the hell hounds bite us, because obviously these things aren't going to kill us idk why, so we stay and the every one else keeps running. About an hour or so later the hell hounds catch up with us and bit us. But we don't die or anything, we turn in to vampires. Yes VAMPIRES. Wtf right?

So then it jumps to me and Ryan living with a bunch of other vampires. We all lived in like this fancy hotel like thing. We were sitting in our "hotel room" and Ryan says to me "I'm sorry I knocked you up." so I look down and sure as shit I have a BABY BUMP wtf. So in return I say "Oh yeah, its fine. It'll be fun."

So I was knocked up vampire chick. but anyway it was extremely weird and just random but it was one of those dreams where you feel everything and its just like so real.

These kinds of dreams really freak me out.


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